:: About Us ::
We carry a large variety of professional audio, visual equipment. We are dealers
for just about any product that you desire. We keep the latest items in stock, and
will assist you in finding any hard to get discontinues items as well.
Jacob Thompson: Sales/Productions

Jacob is a friendly and outgoing. He knows
what you will need to get the job done right. A
salesman that is on your side.
David MacKay: Repairs

David is an excellent musician and person in
general. He does what it takes to make things
Robin Tally: Office Manager

Robin is the one that makes it all happen. She
organizes what needs to be done and makes
sure that it happens.
: Lighting/Productions

Josh knows his lighting. Ask him any question
and he will know it or can find you an answer.
He is a great guy and is very knowledgeable.
Duane Allen: Production and Sales

Duane is an incredible engineer, musician,
salesperson, and manager. Duane knows
how to make productions flawless.
Sutherland Sight and Sound has been serving both professional
engineers and musicians, as well as sound and lighting
enthusiasts throughout the U.S. for seventeen years.